When it comes to taking care of your vehicle, the Motors Inc. Aftersales Center is the best option

Service Center

When it comes to servicing your vehicle, the Motors Inc. Service Centre is your best option.

Our Aftersales centre is staffed with experienced and manufacturer trained technicians who will help keep your vehicle running and performing at its best. Using the latest equipment and diagnostic systems we promise to do all repairs in an optimum and timely manner. In addition to safeguarding your vehicle’s performance, servicing at Motors Inc. is a guarantee of quality and assurance.

Having a full service history with all service and maintenance work done according to manufacturers’ recommendations will help you get a better resale value once you decide to part ways with your vehicle.

Most importantly we care about you, and will do what it takes to make your service experience a pleasant one.

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Parts Department

Throughout the duration of your vehicle’s ownership, it is highly recommended to use Original Genuine Parts sourced through Motors Inc. Only we can guarantee the originality and quality of the parts being delivered.

Such parts are engineered to precise and exact standards of each manufacturer, matching the original specification of your vehicle. Non-originals can be less reliable, leading to frequent replacements and may in the long term compromise the performance and overall function of your vehicle. Added benefits of using Genuine Parts are a 2 year warranty period and outstanding Quality, Reliability and Durability.

With a weekly deliveries and sophisticated re-ordering software systems, we can ensure peace of mind when it comes to availability of both current and superseded models.

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Body Shop

The Motors Inc. Body Shop has been developed to ensure that the repair of every damaged vehicle will be of the highest standard. We place emphasis on top quality work, attention to detail and customer satisfaction.

Our team of panel beaters and professionally trained painters are dedicated to their work, highly trained, and are always extremely courteous and professional. Our services include quality re-sprays, dent and accident repairs.

Should you require the services of our Body Shop, please be assured of our commitment to make your experience as hassle free as possible and we’ll strive to make your vehicle look as good as new.

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Car care treatments


Waxoyl AG offers a comprehensive range of products for car manufacturers and Industry in general. These high quality products have been continuously developed and improved over a 50 year period.

Over and over, Waxoyl products perform outstandingly, both in the test lab and in the workshop, and have earned Waxoyl a global reputation as a supplier of top range products to leading manufacturers.

Waxoyl’s tried and tested products are manufactured to the most stringent technical and scientific standards. Waxoyl has a wealth of experience and expertise in corrosion protection and vehicle and machinery care and now occupy a leading position in these fields.

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Oils for your car to run smoother


Checking your oil regularly extends your engine's lifetime.

Your choice of lubricant is therefore a fundamental part of maintaining excellent vehicle performance, as well as protecting and optimising engine function and reducing fuel consumption.

The uniqueness and originality of Petronas Selenia products is demonstrated by their C.T.R. (Contractual Technical Reference); a type approval, unique to each product, which is issued on the basis of tests carried out directly by car manufactureres such as Fiat.

The Contractual Technical Reference certifies the exclusive type approval of every Petronas Selenia product on behalf of the Fiat Group.

Respecting the servicing schedules and using the correct lubricants, fluids and original spare parts will extend the reliability and safety of your vehicle over time.

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