Motors Inc. was created with one objective in mind, that of providing clients a highly focused customer centric service


Motors Inc. is the new company formed following the merge between Cars International Ltd. and Pater Group.

Cars International Ltd. is co-owned by Tum Invest Group and United Group, while Pater Group owns UCIM Co. Ltd., Meridian Enterprises Ltd. and Waldorf Auto Services.

The merge into Motors Inc. provides great opportunity to maximise talent potential, operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness by joining winning forces.

Motors Inc. is a one-stop shop where interested customers can buy new, affordable, high-tech and luxury cars, approved used and commercial vehicles.

Motors Inc. customers can rely on a full suite of repairs, maintenance and after-sales services.

Frank Xerri De Caro


Frank Xerri De Caro served as General Manager of Bank of Valletta plc., one of Malta’s largest banks.  He also serves on the boards of several major financial, banking and insurance institutions, and public listed companies. Frank is recognised to be one of Malta’s leading bankers, offering a very wide international business experience with specialisation in the financial sector.

Francesca Mamo


Francesca Mamo obtained her degree in Buisness and Computing at the University of Malta. After graduating, she joined Price Waterhouse Coopers. During her time at PWC she was posted in Rome, Italy and was involved in a number of international company audit exercises. Francesca continues to be the driving force behind all the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles brands represented in Malta.

Anthony Mamo


Anthony Mamo obtained his BA. Commerce degree from the University of Malta prior to joining the Pater Group Limited family business. He has extensive business experience both on a local and international level and is responsible for the business development of the Pater Group. Under his directorship, the Group has expanded into information technology applications and high value retail sectors. Anthony formed, and is on the board of CVA Technology Limited, a high technology traffic management company.

Anthony Fenech


Anthony Fenech was a leading figure in the development of the Tumas Group, a highly diversified, family owned business which operates in a variety of enterprises namely Hospitality, Leisure, Tourism, Property Development, Automotive and Management. During this time, he was instrumental in the operation of the automotive arm namely through representation with Kia. Following a division from the Tumas Group, Anthony founded Tum Invest with his two sons Silvan and Matthew retaining the automotive and property development arm of the business and has actively been pursuing new ventures and opportunities to grow both these arms considerably whilst diversifying its business.

Silvan Fenech


Silvan Fenech has been working for the Tumas Group for the past 20 years leading a number of diverse business ventures in a variety of industrial and services sectors. In the past he had a leading role in the operations of the Valletta Gateway Terminal and was also instrumental in the operations of CVI Ltd. specialising in importation of Public Transport vehicles. Silvan is nowadays a recognised business entrepreneur offering a wealth of experience in new business development and acquisition, also leading the property development arm of Tum Invest Group.  He has been instrumental in attracting, leading and developing new business ventures for the group.

Edmund Gatt Baldacchino


Edmund Gatt Baldacchino is a Director and Chief Executive Officer of United Group Ltd., which is active in the automotive, real estate and retail sectors. He initiated and directed various expansions and diversification programs which resulted in the evolution of the United Group to its present level of development. He is also Chairman of Penderville Ltd. and all its subsidiaries and also served on a number of boards of various public entities.

Simon Gatt Baldacchino


Simon Gatt Baldacchino is the Managing Director of United Garage Ltd. and United Department Stores Ltd. and is also a Director of United Group Ltd. Simon took over the running of United Garage Ltd. in 1993, and during his tenure he diversified the company’s business into the car leasing market. In 2013 Simon led the diversification of the group into fashion retail with the opening of the Debenhams Department Store at The Point, Sliema. Simon is also serves as Chief Operating Officer of United Group and is a Director of Penderville Ltd.

Matthew Fenech

Chief Executive Officer

Matthew Fenech has been very active within the local automotive sector and is a board member and driving force of ACIM, the Association of Car Importers in Malta. He has significant experience in the automotive sector,  has successfully managed and expanded the market share of the Kia brand in Malta and  is also very actively involved in other family businesses.

Stephen Aquilina

General Manager

Experience in managing local and international companies and establishing sustainable and profitable relationships with customers, suppliers and stakeholders locally and across the world. Strong in developing business, managing company resources and leading multi-disciplinary teams.

our vision

Motors Inc. was created with one objective in mind; that of providing clients a highly focused customer centric service whilst offering renowned brands with a wide range of models that deliver a mobility solution to anyone, from the most economical to the most technologically advanced.

Motors Inc. strives to become a vibrant force in the Maltese automotive market, offering popular brands to its customers.

Motors Inc. undertakes to be the leading and most reliable car company in Malta delivering a consistent experience and peace of mind through a reliable service to all customers.

All at Motors Inc. flourishes through its people’s talent and potential and commits itself to being a natural employer of choice for the local automotive industry.

our mission

Our mission is to generate the feel-good factor with every contact between our customers and staff. An experience that both will want to maintain for a lifetime partnership in automotive and beyond.

Each and every employee at Motors Inc. is a key role to play in delivering such a promise to our clients.

Everyone’s performance put together will have a great impact on the success and growth of the company.

This enhances the future of each individual through personal development career progression and self-fulfillment.

our values

The core values comprise the code of conduct for employees and the organisation at large.

They also represent the corporate culture we strive for and the promise we make to ourselves an stakeholders.

We become one by sharing the same values and applying them consistently in our decision making process.

We put our customers at the core of our focus to maintain success.

We are eager to help, to contribute, to perform and to participate in the growth of the organisation for the benefit of all stakeholders.

We can be depended upon internally and externally, we value being entrusted by our clients and we compliment this through our reliable service and loyalty. 

We maintain integrity and honesty; always truthful and honest to each other as employees, employers and to customers.

We are smart but hardworking, choosing to be formidable no matter what it takes.

We adopt a culture that seeks continuous improvement, never stopping at making oneself or anything better for the benefit of all stakeholders.

We must be the force that differentiates us and remain true to our values taking the first step to challenge oneself and the market.

our brands